Tires / Brakes


Tire shops do a pretty good job of keeping people entertained and eating popcorn while they change tires but what if your employees didn’t have to drive to the shop in the first place? How much more time would they have to be making money instead? Our customers asked for a solution so we designed a built an on-site tire trailer to save you time and money.

Along with our many other services, we check tires and brakes then work with you to forecast when the next change will be. Our technicians can schedule services together to minimize your down-time and get you back on the road quickly.

Tire Pressure Monitoring SYS

TFS has the ability to diagnose, program and replace tire pressure monitoring modules and sensors. Modern TPM Systems require each location to be correctly programmed which enables the system to function as designed. This both prevents future issues and keeps that pesky tire light from coming on.


Does your steering wheel or brake pedal shake when you brake? Do you hear or feel grinding or squealing when you try to slow? Next to tires, brakes are the most critical safety component to maintain. We make maintenance easy and fast. Don’t let bad or worn out brakes keep you from slowing down when you need to.