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After opening a shop in NW Portland in 1999, Jason Taylor quickly discovered that visiting his customers on-site added flexibility and convenience to vehicle repair. When it came time to renew the lease, he decided to mobilize the entire business. Since then, TFS customers have saved time and money they would’ve spent on transporting vehicles to automotive shops or waiting to have them repaired.




TFS takes the time to evaluate each one of your vehicles and has the expertise to know the trouble areas for each make and model.
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Specialty Equipment

Specialty Equipment

Growing up in the country there was no shortage of specialty equipment that needed to be repaired. We have yet to find a machine that we can’t fix.
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Tires & Brakes

Tires / Brakes

We are proud to now have a tire trailer to bring on-site with us. No more eating stale popcorn in rubber scented lobbies for our customers.
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Repairs are often a costly surprise. We take the stress of suddenly not having a working vehicle away by quickly arriving on the scene then
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose onsite vehicle maintenance and repair over a traditional repair facility?

Onsite service takes the hassle out of vehicle maintenance. Traditional repair facilities frequently involve the loss of a vehicle for days at a time. Much of that time, the vehicle is not even being worked on. This results in lost productivity and income for your business. Onsite repair and maintenance will save you time and money.

Can you replace tires and/or brakes onsite?

Yes! Regular vehicle maintenance such as tire replacement and brake service can be scheduled at a time and location that fits your life. No more spending hours in a waiting room or coordinating drop-offs and pick-ups. Eventually, every vehicle will need these services and we can make the process more convenient.

What is Fleet Management exactly?

Taylored Fleet Services specializes in helping businesses keep track of their vehiclesʼ needs so that they can focus on what they do best. Weʼll help you prioritize repairs and maintenance, keeping eyes on potential issues so that you can forecast costs and minimize vehicle breakdowns that hurt productivity. Whether itʼs required DOT inspections, tires, and brakes, vehicle upfitting, or anything else that may be required, we aim to keep your fleet up and running like a well-oiled machine so that you can make the best return possible out of your vehicle and equipment investments.


I’ve been with Taylored Fleet Services since the very beginning and I’ve never experienced a better mechanic/customer relationship. Being a female, it’s hard for me to walk into a mechanic shop and not feel intimidated by all the jargon that is used to describe my cars issues, and on top of that I usually go in with one problem, and come out with 5! TFS has amazing employees that break down the problem so it’s easy for me to understand and I can honestly say that I’ve never had to go back to them for the same reason, I don’t know how many mechanic shops you can honestly say that about!

Meghan C


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Canby, OR 97013